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For the Owner - Clean Break

The Owner and His Property

The Owner and His Property must therefore be carefully and comprehensively cared for, depending on their preferences and needs.


* Tranquility

We take care of all the aspects that concern the needs in its condition of owner.

We offer:

* Rent (licenses and permits)

* Maintenance and Control of your house or apartment.

* Maintenance of your pool and garden.

* Delivery / collection of keys.

* Laundry.

* Housekeeping ( Cleaning )

* Airport transfer service.

* Repairs, renovations, painting, installations of all kinds ...


* Key Holders

For your peace of mind we have a service of guarding of keys, where if you want we take care that your house is airy and cared for while you are not in it.


* Clean Break Service

We offer:

* Delivery / collection of keys.

* Housekeeping.

* Airport transfer service.

* Repairs of all kinds ...